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Math Buddies

Grades K–5

Based on the Singapore Math® Approach, this online digital resource works as a complete curriculum or as an instructional supplement to an existing program.

  • Pre-Tests & Post-Tests, Teach & Learn, Guided Learning and Differentiated Practice & Intervention provide lessons with a clear and effective structure.
  • Ready-made multimedia reduces preparation time for teachers.
  • Animated, fully narrated lessons raise student engagement and understanding.
  • Differentiated practice supports mastery of concepts at the right level of difficulty.
  • Pre- and Post-Tests for each topic allow for frequent progress monitoring.


For more information and a FREE trial:

Call: 800-821-9881
Email: mathbuddies@marshallcavendish.com
Visit: http://www.mceducation.us/math-buddies



Math Buddies (Aligns with CCSS)



Math Buddies (Aligns with Math In Focus®)



Math Buddies (Aligns with Primary Mathematics)