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Math On

Grades 3–5

This collection of online formative and summative assessments evaluates student progress toward mastery of the Common Core and other State Standards using next-generation testing formats. A comprehensive and easy-to-use assessment tool accessible to students, teachers, and administrators, Math On features include:

  • Teachers can edit ready-made assessments or create their own from a bank of nearly 20,000 questions.
  • Two modes—formative and summative—mean the same question sets can either inform teaching and learning or evaluate mastery.
  • Question formats reflect the types of questions students will encounter on state assessments, including drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank and constructed response.
  • Reporting tools allow teachers and administrators to analyze students’ progress toward mastery against the standards so that they can address problems as they occur.
  • Work's on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.


For more information and a FREE trial:

Call 800-821-9881
Email: mathon@marshallcavendish.com
Visit: http://www.mceducation.us/mathon/


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